We can not thank Rachel, enough for all her help and support. She has been amazing. We first took our little boy, Isaac, to be assessed by Rachel, in April 2014, after being recommended by a friend. Rachel has helped us to move on, as a family. Not only has she helped us with our little boy’s speech, but has also helped us, come to terms with our little boys learning difficulties, autism, and sensory requirements. Rachel has been able to put us in touch, with wonderful teams of people, such as, Autism Together, and helped us to understand, such techniques, as PECS, (Picture Exchange Communication System). This has made a world of differents, to us as a family. We can not recommended, Rachel, enough. If you need help and support, this lady is a true ray of light.

Rachel first became involved with my nine year old daughter some years ago when her speech and comprehension were very limited. The weekly sessions have become an essential part of our week and have evolved and developed along with changing needs. Rachel has complemented and enhanced the input from school with the result that my daughter’s progress has surpassed our hopes and expectations. Her confidence and ability in expressing herself is a delight.

Joshua attends speech therapy classes with Rachel and the improvement in Joshua’s speech and overall confidence in communication has improved significantly. Rachel creates a great atmosphere in the 1 on 1 sessions which helps relax Joshua and gain his confidence allowing him to progress. We really appreciate the work Rachel has done and can highly recommend her to other parents.

We contacted Rachel when we grew concerned at the lack of babbling and general communication skills from our 20 month old son, Oliver. I was reassured by her thorough and professional approach in assessing Ollie and we came away from the initial assessment immediately with some pointers on areas we could work on.
We have continued to have weekly sessions with Rachel for 6 months now and each session is focused and paced exactly right for Ollie’s age and development. He is always engaged and really enjoys the session, and I have clear areas to work on both at home and nursery to encourage Ollie’s communication skills. Most importantly, we have seen improvements in Ollie’s communication and we will continue to work with Rachel to support him in the coming months.

Rachel has become such an important part of the group that we run for my daughter and her friends. Both the children and parents have benefited so much and learnt many techniques that we have introduced at home and school. Rachel makes us all feel relaxed in the sessions which makes such a difference!

Our daughters speech & language has progressed significantly since using Rachel’s services, we are delighted with the results as are our friends and family.

Rachel is knowledgable, very patient and makes the sessions fun and enjoyable. We would not hesitate in recommending her

Rachel has been involved in helping our daughter Lucy (aged 6) with her speech for over 18 months now. When Rachel started working with Lucy, Lucy’s speech was extremely limited and this was reflected in her confidence. However through the work undertaken by Rachel, Lucy has grown in confidence and her speech and overall communication skills have improved greatly. From previously just being able to sound a few individual words, Lucy is now able to put short sentences together and her enunciation is becoming clearer all the time.

Rachel has been happy to work with Lucy both in the school environment as well as at home and has been very flexible in arranging appointments with the school and fitting in with Lucy’s timetable.

I would be more than happy to recommend Rachel as a speech and language therapist.

Our little boy’s speech has improved immensely… starting school is now much less of a worry

Rachel got my daughter to concentrate and have fun at the same time. We travelled an hour each way to see Rachel and it was worth every second. I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough for sheer ability, professionalism and amazing results.

During the sessions my child’s speech progressed greatly.