Appointments and Pricing

The following is a guide only and fees can vary. Please contact me to discuss your queries and further details can be given.

Speech and Language Therapy Intervention Fees

InterventionPrice for the session including planning and required liaison

Speech Sound assessment


Language Assessment


Communication Assessment

£85 for a 45 minute (approximately) assessment of pronunciation (speech sounds only)


£120 charge for a 1 hour (approximately) assessment session of speech, language and communication with a summary report. £150 to occur in school.

£250 for social communication assessment in school or preschool to provide advice for onwards referrals, e.g. Paediatrician

Consultancy Assessment and Intervention Package£250 to include detailed assessment, liaison with parents and school staff, detailed report containing intervention advice and support strategies
Therapy session

£45 per half hour face to face appointment in clinic (from September 2020)

£50 for a 30 minute session to take place at a nursery or school on Wirral

£85 per hour therapy session in school or nursery on Wirral

£40 per half hour Tele-therapy session

£70 per hour  for observation or advice meeting for parents, preschool, school

Meeting at School/ Preschool for EHC or Annual Review


£70 per hour

£40 for Tele therapy attendance


Training OpportunityPrice
Staff training sessionHourly rate £150*

*Some planning time will be required dependent on training requested and this will charged accordingly. The price will be stated up front.

Please contact Rachel Barton on the above contact details for further information about any of the training or with queries about the above